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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Now Showing WorldWide: Man of Tai Chi

After being shown at the Cannes Film Festival and has had its premiere in China, Keanu Reeves's first directorial film, Man of Tai Chi, has finally hit theaters worldwide. It premiered today, July 17, 2013, from where I am. 

I was so excited to enjoy the first day screening of this new Keanu Reeves movie so I got to the cinema early. I was looking forward to this film, since the last Keanu Reeves movie I went out to see was The Day the Earth Stood Still in 2008. (Unfortunately for me, Henry's Crime didn't made it here.)

So after 5 long years of waiting to see Keanu Reeves in the big screen again, here I was at the cinema house munching some popcorn. And it was a nice movie. Though I'll definitely be a biased movie critic of a Keanu Reeves movie, I'd say this one is not bad for his first try. Now I know why he has been doing all of those Tai Chi moves before. (Some say it's shadow boxing, some say it's Tai Chi. Now we know it's really Tai Chi).

The story itself is not that unique though. Tiger Chen is a good martial arts guy fighting for honor and respect. Keanu Reeves, who is the film's bad guy, tries to corrupt him. He scouted him in some martial arts tournament and invited him to work for him as a security man. 

But of course that's just the bait. What he really wanted him to do is to fight underground in exchange for a lot of money. Tiger Chen's day job is delivery man, which compared to fighting, is indeed a very boring one. 

The story twisted when what seems to be an incorruptible guy found himself in a dire need for money. The ancient Temple of Tai Chi, where he is the lone student, is being subjected to demolition because it is deemed unsafe by the building authorities. Its current tenant, which is his master, is up for eviction. The only way to keep the temple is to start the renovation. Renovation needs a lot of money and so underground fighting Tiger Chen went. 

What I especially liked in this film is the end part. It's not everyday that you'll see Keanu Reeves being kicked in the ass. Well, he's the bad guy so you can kind of expect that. He actually died in the end which is another first. 

All in all, I liked the film. Or better yet, I like Keanu Reeves in this one. He gave full support to his lead star.  

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