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Sunday, November 14, 2010

47 Ronin Now Has a Director and a Play Date

Keanu Reeves' upcoming film, 47 Ronin now has good news for all of us. There's a director helmed to man the whole production process and he's no other than Carl Rinsch. Carl Rinsch is dubbed as the commercially hot, up-and-coming director who has passed up on Logan's Run to take this film starring Keanu Reeves.

47 Rounin is about a Japanese samurai group so we can expect Keanu to don the robe in the length on this film. He'll do a Tom Cruise thing (The Last Samurai) but the plot and story is definitely different. Keanu looked so good in The Matrix practicing karate with Laurence Fishburne. Agree? That alone makes me so excited in this new film. I just hope this film won't suffer the same fate as Cowboy Bebop. Expected play date is November 21, 2012. In the mean time, Keanu Reeves is busy with his independent film, Generation Um.

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Anonymous said...

He is not Shadow BOXING but practicing his Japanese sword KATANA moves in these pictures

2222MNA said...

He is MINE :)

2222MNA said...

You are MINE :)

Hi ....:D MINA

Anonymous said...



Karon said...

I'll definitely watch this. I really like Keanu Reeves specially in the movie The Lake House.. but the best thing about this movie for me is, Jin Akanishi (former KAT-TUN member) is one of the cast.. Aye I'm really really excited!^_~

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