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Friday, August 27, 2010

Keanu Reeves with the Dogstar Band

Just reminiscing some of Keanu Reeves' musical past. Enjoy!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Keanu Reeves to Attend the Toronto Film Festival

Keanu Reeves is expected at the Toronto Film Festival which will run on Sept. 9-19, 2010. The event is a very important one, with many of the films featured there quite interesting. Keanu Reeves is going to grace the red carpet for his new film, Henry's Crime.

Along with Keanu,other big guests, stars,and directors that are going to be at the gala are Clint Eastwood, Natalie Portman, Nicole Kidman, and Megan Fox.

A Little Death In Dixie

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Keanu Reeves the Bike Lover

Keanu Reeves paparazzi shots with his rather small bike. Seems like our man doesn't mind what kind of bike he's using for as long as it is a bike.

The Suburbs

Monday, August 23, 2010

Keanu Reeves Henry's Crime Stills

Keanu Reeves' new film Henry's Crime is to be shown in September in Toronto for the Toronto Film Festival. Here are some of the movie's stills worthy of checking out:

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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Keanu Reeves is Also a TV Star

Keanu Reeves has starred in a lot of movies. But he’s got TV shows under his belt too. Furthermore, a lot of his old flicks are being played on cable over and over again simply because fans and followers clamour for it. Keanu Reeves has a special appearance at a Bollywood-themed miniseries. While he is only there for a couple of episodes, his presence is well noted. It is very refreshing to find a big movie star like Keanu Reeves to support TV shows like this one. This is also a treat to all Keanu Reeves fan who simply can't have enough of their idol.

If you would like to catch more of Keanu Reeves’ old movies on cable, check out Direct TV. This one offers all the Keanu Reeves hits, as well as the blockbuster flicks of other stars. Share a good movie with your family and friends. With Direct TV, you don’t have to go out there and watch a film. Your home theatre becomes the very best source of fun and entertainment.

Get DirecTV packages to enjoy Keanu’s old film, Speed, to be played over at ENCR at 10:10 pm today, August 21. Cable packages and dish packages available too. Watch Keanu Reeves as he helps Sandra Bullock control a monster of a bus and save its passenger. A mad bomber is on the lose and Keanu Reeves is here to save the day as the brave cop that he is. More Keanu Reeves films are being shown on cable everyday. Subscribe to the right packages and enjoy!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Keanu Reeves and His Car Woes

Keanu Reeves has always been a lover of cars, although he is seen riding a motorcycle more than anything. Keanu’s passion for a nice ride is not very surprising of a person with a superstar status like he is.

Just recently, Keanu Reeves is part of the Toyota Grand Prix of 2010. He competed against Adrien Brody and Brian Green, who emerged as the winner of this year’s competition winner. Keanu got the title last year. He failed to bag this year’s title due to his 30-second time lag. He’s classified as a pro this time around.

In Keanu Reeves’ film Constantine, it is quite interesting to note about the Chevrolet Silverado ad that showed the tag line, “Your Time is Running Out”. Keanu Reeves indeed has cars and bikes tagged around him. But like a regular man, he’s got car problems too. He needs a brake job done as well, just like you do. If you’ve got some car issues, Dallas auto repair may be able to help.

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