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Friday, March 26, 2010

Keanu Reeves Comforting Sandra Bullock, Or not?

With the recent news about Sandra Bullock's husband Jesse James having an affair with tatoo model Michelle Mcgee, Keanu was asked about her in a brief interview at the 2010 Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race in Rosamond, California Saturday afternoon where he was a participant.

Keanu said that he meant well for Sandra, and for everybody else for that matter. But when asked if he actually comforted her in this time of need, he simply walked away and didn't say anything. In a UK newspaper The Sun though, a source says that he's physically doing so and that both Sandra and Jesse are his good friends. Source says he's helping them both.

Keanu Reeves is currently training for his comeback to the race track for the 2010 Toyota Grand Prix. He won the celebrity race last year. This time around, he's competing with the pros.


Anonymous said...

Not easy to be famous.
"He walked away and dindn't said anything"...good for him, always knew he is a very intelligent man.

Maria said...

Yes, Keanu unlike many actors doesn't look fall victiom to the incessant interrogation of Hollywood, at least in his personal life. Intelligent man indeed. Broadcast your work, not your personal life.

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