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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Keanu Reeves' Bearded Fashion at the Oscars

Let's admit it, the Oscars is more and more getting like a fashion show where the glamorous go out and put their best dresses and suit on than a major awards night for the movies. The favorite question during the red carpet event, in fact, is "Who are you wearing?" The stars better have a big name designer clothes on or they're dead. The Oscars is indeed the best time to find out who the best and the worst are when it comes to celebrity fashion.

Keanu Reeves looked good and fashionable at the awards night. He's got a black suit and a matching tie on. While his clothes is nothing out of the ordinary and looked much like the other men's, he was sure noticed because of his beard.

Much to my surprise, Keanu Reeves showed up with his Jekyll-like beard although it is not as disturbing as before. He looks handsome, although he will be so much so if he chose to get rid of that beard once and for all.

The awards night was so much fun because of all those clothes and who's wearing them. It is actually more intriguing to check out the tuxedos and gowns of the guests than knowing who won which award. To be a real fashion forward person, always be in the loop when it comes to fashion industry news. Check out Culturally Clad and know what top fashion is all about.


Emorroidi said...

He looks so good in beard!

Anonymous said...

I like his beard very much, as trimmed as it is. It suits him very well.

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