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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Keanu Reeves All Ready to Race

More than the serious side of the 4-day training for the Toyota Grand Prix, Keanu Reeves is busy heckling with last year's competitor returning this year, Oscar Award winner Adrien Brody. Keanu is going to race both in the celebrity and the pro editions.

He then asked Brody what he's called if he's simply a hanger-on in the Pro Race. Brody offered, "Entourage". Keanu nodded saying "Yeah, I'm part of an entourage." But then Brody added, "A pro with the asterisk." That's when they both laughed.

Other participants to the event, other than Reeves and Brody, are Christian Slater, Adam Carolla, Tony Hawk, Zachary Levi, and Brian Austin Green, among others. Most of the stars wanted to beat Keanu in the Celebrity race that he bagged last year, including Brody. This year's race will be held again in Long Beach, California on April 16 and 17.


Tron Legacy Trailer said...

Looks like Keanu Reeves has a Need for Speed. He should have been in the forthcoming release of Tron Legacy. It's going to be a Great movie!

Anonymous said...

Good luck handsome.

Joseph said...

nice post

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