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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Paternity Suit Not Yet Over?

Rumors have it that even if the judge has dismissed the paternity case filed by Canadian Karen Sala against Keanu Reeves, she's still not resting her case. Sala is filing tons of petitions and motions to reverse the judge's ruling. And the lawyers of Keanu Reeves are still at it, answer back all the allegations that the woman is throwing at them. Keanu Reeves is sued by Karen Sala for abandoning her children which she claims he has fathered.

If this is going to continue, Keanu Reeves has to serious consider filing a suit against her, as she's already doing lots of damages to him. And this isn't just financial-wise. Keanu's a movie star. Though negative publicity is still publicity, he doesn't need things like this to make him even more famous. If anything the case is starting to be a nuisance to him and his career.


Macneth said...

IMO she has long since started to be a nuisance. From her allegations it becomes clear that she has lost touch with reality. Too bad for Keanu that this is going on.

mhg said...

It is quite bad for keanu that this kinds of things are going on....

Anonymous said...

on the other hand it might be TRUE.

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