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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Keanu Reeves Parental Support Case Dismissed

Keanu Reeves was sued by a Canadian woman for having fathered four children by her. The case was taken to the courts for preliminary hearing and Keanu outwardly denies even meeting the woman. He said that he didn't know her at all.

The solution the judge offered was for Keanu Reeves to submit himself to a DNA test. With the result coming out just recently, it shows that Keanu was not the father of the children indeed.

The court has dismissed the case. Right now, Keanu is considering suing the woman himself. He plans to have her pay him the legal fees he has incurred because of the case.


sioux falls cars said...

That is really sad his name has been dragged through the mud, he has all these legal fees due to a lying woman.

high blood pressure causes said...

It is quite unfortunate that his name is been dragged into a messy affair....

more sperm said...

They have to pay for it!

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