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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Keanu Reeves Filming Henry's Crime in New York

Because Keanu Reeves is busy with "Henry's Crime", he's living in the grand New York City right now. This is the film's location shooting and this actor was last seen on January 15, 2010 at the Tarrytown Music Hall in Tarrytown New York.

Keanu Reeves is co-producing "Henry's Crime", which is a film co-written by his friend Sacha Gervasi.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Passengers is Going on Full Swing

Keanu Reeves' next movie project is "Passengers", after he's done with "Henry's Crime". Passengers is a romantic love story, but on a spaceship setting. Keanu Reeves is trapped in a time travel capsule when he awoke several years later than planned.

Talks about Passengers to be produced surfaced as early as 2007. The only latest development about this film is the fact that there's already a director for it. Gabriele Muccino will be sitting on the director's chair. She's much known for collaborations with Will Smith, more particularly for "In Pursuit of Happyness".

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Keanu Reeves Shooting Henry's Crime

Keanu Reeves is shooting Henry’s Crime with Vera Farmiga. They were both seen in Tarrytown, New York. Henry’s Crime is a script made by Keanu’s friend Sacha Gervasi. Henry’s Crime is a romantic comedy about a guy accused of robbing a bank and wooing a girl.

Henry’s Crime is Keanu’s next movie to watch out for, despite the fact that there’s a big buzz about the live action film derived from the Japanese anime Cowboy Bebop. Henry's Crime is directed by Malcolm Venville and co-writted by David N. White.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Keanu Reeves Parental Support Case Dismissed

Keanu Reeves was sued by a Canadian woman for having fathered four children by her. The case was taken to the courts for preliminary hearing and Keanu outwardly denies even meeting the woman. He said that he didn't know her at all.

The solution the judge offered was for Keanu Reeves to submit himself to a DNA test. With the result coming out just recently, it shows that Keanu was not the father of the children indeed.

The court has dismissed the case. Right now, Keanu is considering suing the woman himself. He plans to have her pay him the legal fees he has incurred because of the case.

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