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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Keanu Reeves to Star in David Fincher's "Chef"

"Chef" is yet another movie in the lineup for Keanu Reeves. This one's going to be a comedy, more particularly a celibate sex comedy like David Fincher puts it. It's a cooking comedy too, by the way.

Keanu was chosen for the role because of his passion in the world of cooking. His dabbling with molecular gastronomy merits his being part of this new film.

However, David is still mum about the whole concept of the movie. He can only provide tidbits about his new film, saying that it's an "aromatic art-form of making food".

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tropang_quickpick said...

"Chef" will be a combination of culinary arts and comedy. This is a very cute combination with Keanu as the lead actor. I believe he can carry this one perfectly! I am so looking forward to Keanu in a comedy role, I usually see him playing more of seriouss, action-packed roles.

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