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Monday, July 13, 2009

First Hearing for Keanu's Frivolous Paternity Case

Keanu Reeves
is sued for having fathered four children with Karen Sala, a Canadian woman with grow-up children. She still maintains that Keanu is the father of her 20 to 25 year old children and that the truth will come out real soon. She said that Keanu keeps personal contact with her within the past years to make sure that the children are all right. She also tries to settle the problem privately but to no avail. Thus she's suing in court.

On the other hand, Keanu denies all allegations claiming she has never had met the woman or if he had indeed met her before, he never had lived with her nor had any intimate relationship with her enough for him to have kids with her.

Keanu agrees to a DNA testing as per court order. But he also wants Karen's husband to submit his samples. Keanu also maintains that the testing be done at a lab of his choosing in Los Angeles.

seeks dismissal of the case with damages. Keanu wants the plaintiff to pay his attorney's fees when the judge dismisses the frivolous claims.


Cyn said...

What happen next???

tropang_quickpick said...

I can't really say who is telling the truth here. But, I just found Keanu's words "a lab of my choice in Los Angeles" intriguing. Why would he want to choose the laboratory? Isn't it the court who has to choose which lab the test be done? Is this a way for him to tamper lab results in case it will not be for his benefit? I hope not.

Anonymous said...

Just some broad looking to make an easy buck. According to his lawyer, he took the DNA test and it shows HE IS NOT the father. She better get ready to fork over some bucks of her own to pay his attorney fees.

Anonymous said...

DNA has proved that he is NOT THE FATHER! What a joke! It will be the funniest one of 2011. Hope this is the last one. It's quite annoying.

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