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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Young Keanu Reeves in The Night Before DVD

Catch young Keanu Reeves in The Night Before and be nostalgic all over again. Keanu Reeves starred in this teen movie in 1988. More than 20 years later, its DVD was released. It's quite an old film, and this DVD copy is certainly long overdue. But if you're a real Keanu Reeves fan, you definitely need to have it in your collection. Lionsgate hit the rubble and came up with the DVD version of this one.

The Night Before is a movie about a teen who woke up in the alley way having no idea why he was actually there. What he remembered is he went to the prom with a girl, Tara. The rest is a blur. Join Keanu, who plays as Winston Connelly, as he search what really happened the night before.


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