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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Keanu's Next Firstar Film to be Shot in Delaware

Firstar Films is slating to do a new Keanu Reeves project. They are also looking at New York for the shoot location. But then, when the production executives got a whiff of the Delaware film incentive program, they have decided to switch locations.

Reports has it that they would rather go for the Delaware shoot to save on production costs. This move is also a result of the State's campaign to entice movie producers to prefer their state at their movie's prime location.

The State realizes that film production outfits generate jobs in their locality, as they would have to hire carpenters, electricians, and aides as they go about shooting the film.

This only means that Keanu is Delaware-bound anytime soon. Which film he's making and what its title is yet to be disclosed.

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