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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Video: Keanu Reeves' Cornflakes Commercial

Let's go back in time and check out Keanu Reeves as a young actor making money doing commercials like these. This one's taken from The Letterman Show. Enjoy!

Cowboy Bebop Script Almost Ready

At last, Cowboy Bebop is going to be. Reports has it that the script is slowly materializing. Peter Craig is currently doing the final touches on the script, which means that shooting may start real soon.

Peter Craig said that he is done watching the Cowboy Bebop animated series four times over. Craig also said that he's going to give justice to the anime series the best that he can. The production team that is going to handle the set and the props are making sure that every detail is correct as well. Craig said he's almost done with his first draft.

We are all hoping to see Keanu Reeves acting on the silver screen again. We'd like to see Cowboy Bebop as soon as possible.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Video: Keanu Reeves on Father's Day

On father's day, Keanu Reeves tries to catch a bite at Ristorante Madeo. But it seems like they were in and out of the restaurant. Watch it here:

Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Private Lives of Pippa Lee Showing July 10 in the UK

The Keanu Reeves fans in the UK would have pleasure watching this fresh hunk play as Robin Wright Penn's love interest in The Private Lives of Pippa Lee. Robin plays a woman in her 50's going through a divorce with her much older husband. He meets Keanu, who is actually a man in his late 20's.

Keanu, with his fresh face and young features, has pulled off the role of a man younger than what he really is. He's more than 40 but his role as a 20 plus man fits him well in this move.

Robin described him as a gentle giant. And that he is the perfect actor to play the character in this film. They are joined by a powerhouse cast of Winona Ryder, Blake Lively, Maggie Gyllenhaal, and Julianne Moore.

This is an independent film directed by Rebecca Miller and is based from her novel. The film was first shown at the recently concluded Berlin Festival.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Keanu Reeves' Parenthood Now an NBC Sitcom

NBC is going to air Parenthood real soon, a comedy series based on Ron Howard's film of the same title. The film was released in 1989 top billed by ace movie comedian Steve Martin.

Keanu Reeves happens to be in the cast, although he isn't the main character in this one. In Howard's Parenthood, Keanu played Tod Higgins.

In the NBC adaptation, Keanu's role will be played by Dax Shepard.

Watch this short clip of the movie with the young Keanu Reeves.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Keanu's Next Firstar Film to be Shot in Delaware

Firstar Films is slating to do a new Keanu Reeves project. They are also looking at New York for the shoot location. But then, when the production executives got a whiff of the Delaware film incentive program, they have decided to switch locations.

Reports has it that they would rather go for the Delaware shoot to save on production costs. This move is also a result of the State's campaign to entice movie producers to prefer their state at their movie's prime location.

The State realizes that film production outfits generate jobs in their locality, as they would have to hire carpenters, electricians, and aides as they go about shooting the film.

This only means that Keanu is Delaware-bound anytime soon. Which film he's making and what its title is yet to be disclosed.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Young Keanu Reeves in The Night Before DVD

Catch young Keanu Reeves in The Night Before and be nostalgic all over again. Keanu Reeves starred in this teen movie in 1988. More than 20 years later, its DVD was released. It's quite an old film, and this DVD copy is certainly long overdue. But if you're a real Keanu Reeves fan, you definitely need to have it in your collection. Lionsgate hit the rubble and came up with the DVD version of this one.

The Night Before is a movie about a teen who woke up in the alley way having no idea why he was actually there. What he remembered is he went to the prom with a girl, Tara. The rest is a blur. Join Keanu, who plays as Winston Connelly, as he search what really happened the night before.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Keanu Reeves Out for Lunch

Keanu Reeves is seen eating lunch out with friends in this photo. He's still sporting that unshaved look of his, together with his overgrown hair. He needs to shave and he badly needs a haircut. But he's not doing anything like those unless he's got some films to shoot.

So for all the rumored Keanu Reeves projects, please keep them moving. We're missing the clean-cut, well-groomed Keanu Reeves. You have to give this man some work so he can look good in front of the cameras. What happened to Cowboy Bebop, 47 Ronin, Cartagena, and Jekyll? Please get the cameras rolling. That's the only valid reason for Keanu Reeves to shed some facial hair.

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