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Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Technology in Keanu Reeves' Films

Keanu Reeves is easily associated with futuristic films that are filled with technology-laden works. His first film with such a theme would be Johnny Mnemonic, wherein he plays as a human hard drive carrying enormous sensitive data in his head.

This could be why he was given the role of Neo in The Matrix - something everybody associates him with. Who could forget Matrix, the most technologically-advanced film of all time? It's the best one of all too. No other film with the same theme can remove this trilogy from its pedestal.

And more recently, Keanu did The Day the Earth Stood Still, another technology flick that involves the coming of an alien, which Keanu plays.

Technology has always been linked to Keanu Reeves. But all of those are movies. If you want real technology news, you have to visit the authority. Check out more technology news here.

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