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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Keanu Reeves Sued for Child Support

A 46-year-old Canadian woman named Karen Sala is suing Keanu Reeves and is forcing him to give child support for her four grown-up children, who are all aged over 20 years old. Her claim is that Reeves is the father of these kids, and that they were together when they were children in Toronto.

The court received the papers but Keanu says the accusation is false and he doesn’t even know who Sala was. Sala further said that she has been trying to settle the issue in a private manner but Reeves wouldn’t budge. Now she’s in the open to fight for her and her children’s right.

Reeves’ business manager said the woman came from the woodwork and tried to accuse a famous man. No other bogus claims can top this ridiculous one. However, the court is asking for a DNA sample on Reeves and the children for comparison. It can be remembered that Keanu was sued just recently for a paparazzi assault case. That was dismissed by the court easily.

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Francois said...

What people won't do for attention...

Joni said...

People make me sick.. Doesn't Keanu have enough on his plate to be bothered with rediculous accusations like this! I completely understand why Keanu vetos relationships, people are crazy now days...

SookieGirl said...

I mean honestly, how old is Keanu? If he's fathered 4 kids surely there's some evidence of their relationship.

Ms. Cris Ericson said...

???Photos of the kids???

?to compare to Keanu?

The only reason I'm really
curious is that someone
claiming they were with the
National Enquirer called me
in 1991, when my Canadian
husband was still alive, and
asked me if I had fooled around
with Keanu Reeves.
I said, "Keanu WHO?"
I didn't have a clue who he was;
besides, I was faithfully married!

But, reading this now, I'm wondering, if you compared a 1991
photo of me with a 1991 photo
of this woman claiming Keanu
Reeves may have fathered one or
more of her children,
it is possible that at a distance,
she could be mistaken for me.

So, if her claims went back that
far, I could possibly see a possibility.

So, why doesn't he just show a bunch of photos of the kids?

Ms. Cris Ericson
Ms. Cris's Blog

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