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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Keanu Reeves' Race at SpeedTV this weekend

SpeedTV is now going to air the Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race that occurred April 18 and 19. It is going to be a 6-part special, with the first installment happening this Saturday, May 9 then the following day, May 10. It will be shown every weekends of May thereafter.

Watch Keanu as he raced through the finish line in a strong and steady manner. He's not the leader for most of the race, but the 5-car crash before him gave him the opening to seize the game.

It's going to be an exciting adrenalin rush for both Keanu Reeves and racing fans. So tune in this weekend!

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Jacqueline said...

Thanks for posting the race dates. I was wondering if one of the channels would show the race on cable.

delhi photo said...

Nice Posting

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