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Friday, May 1, 2009

Keanu Reeves for Cartagena

There's another movie brewing up and they're looking at Keanu Reeves to star in it. The film's working title is Cartagena, which is about an undercover agent to take on a job as a drug dealer in Columbia.

Keanu Reeves's cop role in Street Kings might just be the reason why producers think he's just right for the project. However, final negotiations would have to happen. The film's first choice would have been Clive Owen. But for some reason, things have changed and producers want Keanu Reeves. Let's just see if this movie is going to push through towards the actual film production process.

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Raj Khatri said...



naorin0902 said...

Anyway, I do want to see his new movie on big screen as early as possible!!

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