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Monday, April 27, 2009

Keanu Reeves Takes Critics' Views Seriously

Much have been said with his acting. Critics say Keanu Reeves is a wooden, lifeless actor. And in all cruelty, they said that he is not much of the actor that he thinks he is. Not even his role as a non-feeling alien in The Day the Earth Stood Still garnered much praise - even if they had previously said that he is good at playing a cold individual.

Keanu Reeves can never please the critics. Especially not now when anime fans are threatening to kill Fox for giving the Spike Spiegel role to Keanu for the live action film Cowboy Bebop. Critics don't like Keanu Reeves much. But he's patiently giving them a time of his day.

When interviewed about movie critics, producer writer Robin Wright Penn of The Private Lives of Pippa Lee said that she is never a believer of critics as they never went to a critic's school anyway. But Keanu thinks otherwise. He said that a critic's view is very crucial. He said that they're like drops, which will eventually make an ocean.

Keanu didn't feel much the same for his music though, especially when he joined Dogstar. As for music critics, he can only shrug his shoulders and say, "Whatever".This only shows that his passion for films is greater than his passion for music. We can only hope that the day arrives when Keanu Reeves finally earns the nods of his own detractors.


naorin0902 said...

Hello.My name is Naomi.Nice to meet you!!
I don't think that keanu is a wooden, lifeless actor. And also I think that critics are not always right.

tusharb said...

Yes you are right critics is not always right. Keanu is a good actor i think and he deserve too...

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His movies are great i like to watch him and also he is a great actor...

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I love Keanu Reeves.He is a great Actor.I have watched Matrix series,Speed e.t.c.I like his role "Neo" in Matrix.

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