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Friday, April 24, 2009

Keanu Reeves Donated $10,000 to Charity

Keanu was able to give $10,000 to the kids, via the Toyota Celebrity Grand Prix held last weekend. The race was for charity and each participating celebrity was paid not to add up to their own bank account, but to the kid's charity as chosen by the race's sponsor.

However, the winning celebrity racer gets additional $5,000 to his/her choice of charity. Keanu was the rightful winner. So he gets to choose which charity would go the money to. That makes him a donor of a total of $10,000 just by participating and winning the recently concluded race.

Keanu had fun in the event. More than winning, he enjoyed the #11 Toyota Scion tC car that he used for the event. He because of the 5-car pile up that happened during the race, causing the leader Danny Way and four others to lose bid in the competition.

Congratulations once again Keanu!


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