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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Only Keanu Reeves can Get Away with This

Keanu Reeves Homeless lookWhen it comes to sporting a homeless, shabby look, nobody can ever beat Keanu Reeves - not even another heart throb like Brad Pitt. It's not that it looks good on the man. He is just so fond of his ugly man look that he makes it a habit to grow his mustache and beard long, with his hair disheveled whenever it's the off season. Off season would mean that the actor is in between movie shoots.

But is it good on him? For starters, Keanu Reeves is a man. Maybe he's not as vain as the rest of the Hollywood citizens are. But then, he's got an image and probably a career to protect.

But then, Keanu isn't fond of the paparazzi either. So he's not into looking good in front of them whenever he's out doing his personal things. Good for them, bad for Keanu. Or is it the other way around?

You see, fans and the rest of the Hollywood and celebrity followers are getting used with Keanu's dirty do. He might look like a hobo. But he's still the same actor we love. And he can turn into a handsome bachelor after a trip to the barber's shop which is what really matters to most of us.

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