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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Keanu Reeves: The Worst Actor?

Keanu Reeves Worst ActorThere was never a good review about Keanu Reeves' acting. At least I haven't encountered one yet. Now, he's even nominated as the Worst Actor of this year! Called as the Golden Raspberry Award, this body is out to give recognition to the worst acting the previous year had seen. It is also the initial presentation of the body.

Well, other actors have made it on the list too, and the biggest one yet is Tom Cruise. Apparently, they don't like him in Valkyrie as much as they liked Keanu Reeves in The Day the Earth Stood Still.

Either way, the final list of nominees will be announced on February 21. Winners will be made known on the eve of the Oscars. Surely, there won't be an awards night for them because frankly, which star would actually grace their ridicules?

Other nominees for the not-so funny awards are Mark Wahlberg for The Happening, along with actresses Reese Whiterspoon, Paris Hilton, and Dianne Keaton. There were also awards going out for the worst film, prequel, sequel, or remake.

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Sarrahh said...

God, what a jealousy!!!!
One actor, cant be good today and bad tomorrow, he is good or bad always!!!
Keanu is good always!!!!!!!!!
But movies can be good or bad, or director cant do a job!!
That movie was make 30.000.000, because of Keanu, without him, movie would be a nothing - and now Keanu is worst actor, shame on you!!!!!

limotek said...

I wouldn't say he's the worst actor. It's impossible for me to say that after watching the Matrix. However, he is the king of one-liners and monotones but that works in some films.

vickytunes said...

To ACT OR NOT TO Act, that is the question.
"If it be now,'tis not to come.If it be not to come,it will be now".
Only a real actor knows what this means. Maybe ,for all of us pretentious pretenders, we ought to try and understand what it is they really do .Just a working man who pretends to make the legal tender he needs like everybody else does what they need to. I like his style, his "superhero evening attire".His inky cloak,so to speak ,he is delightfully bleak.

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