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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Keanu Reeves and The Cowboy Bepop Story

Keanu Reeves Cowboy BepopWhat is Cowboy Bepop anyway? Many non-anime fans are clueless to the storyline of this series. So for those interested, here's the backdrop of the story:


Cowboy Bepop is a Japanese-produced anime series that was aired for such a short time in Japan. The whole series only contained 26 episodes. Created by Sunrise Inc., this is deemed one of the best animes ever made. The series is also aired in the US as part of Cartoon Network's Adult Swim block.


The story is about a group of futuristic bounty hunters traveling the solar system on a spaceship. Their leader is Spike Spiegel, although it was Jet Black who owned the ship. The setting 2071 so instead of cars, spaceships are used to move around. The group spaceship is called Bepop, thus the name of the series. The lead character is Spike, who used to be a member of the Red Dragon society, a notorious group of criminals. He's being hunted by the group since he broke out.

The Movie

Keanu Reeves said that deliberation is being made in order to come up with the best story for the live-action movie. The series was episodic so the concern is really how to mesh everything in one full-length film. There has been a Cowboy Bepop movie already created, but also in animation. This time around, Keanu will take the lead role and 20th Century Fox is producing.

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