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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Is Keanu Reeves Afraid of Technology?

Keanu Reeves ComputerIt seems like our sci-fi action star is not really a technology buff after all. Why, on this world, would an actor like Keanu Reeves, who starred in films like The Matrix as a computer hacker and Johnny Mnemonic as a human data carrier, refuses to own a computer?

In today's times, every American house has at least two computers. And almost every person owns a laptop. In his interview with Details recently, Keanu admitted that he never owns a computer not he sends email. Keanu said that he writes all his letters using a typewriter instead.

Seems like dear old Keanu would have to keep in terms with technology or else he might not be effective in his chosen genre. But then, he said that he has no plans to embrace the internet just yet. And the thought of using a word processor doesn't appeal to him much.

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vickytunes said...

Did you know that even Steve Jobs the CEO Apple Tech genius doesn't even publish his own personal email? Hmmmm.It kinda makes you wonder why this is. Maybe he's not so much afraid but doesn't have time to read all the stupid crap people will write and send him and if at all, just maybe the invention of the personal computer has surpassed it's intention for it to actually be a personal tool. Keanu probably likes his privacy just like you. If you were him, REESE,You would need PEACE...PlEASE.

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