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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Everybody loves Point Break

Keanu Reeves Point BreakPoint Break is one of the earlier movies of Keanu Reeves, which also starred Patrick Swayze. Keanu played Johnny Utah in this film, a local police who was in pursuit of a hot criminal over the oceans. This movie is one of the fast-paced thrillers Keanu Reeves has done. The film also gave way to Keanu's policemen character later on, more particular in Speed opposite Sandra Bullock.

Recall that Point Break was resurrected just recently via a play/reality show. If The Day the Earth Stood Still is a remake, so will be the new Point Break.

The working title is Point Break Indo, as the film will be shot mostly in Bali, Indonesia. Unfortunately though, Keanu Reeves won't star in this film. The characters in the story would have different names too. As such, you expect that the officer's character in the film won't be Johnny Utah.

Even so, this goes to show that Keanu Reeves' past and present films are still making waves. Indeed, he's one of the most bankable actors these days.

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