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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Day The Earth Stood Still Gross Ticket Sales is $224 Million

Keanu Reeves The Day The earth Stood stillKeanu Reeves's recent movie, The Day the Earth Stood Still was indeed a box office success. While US it only grossed $78,404,959 in the US, the bulk of the movie's ticket sales come from everywhere else in the world. Worldwide, the movie raked in $146,100,000, a figure that brings the sales to the gross total of $224,504,959. The international appeal of Keanu Reeves of The Matrix regime is still impeccable, so it seems.

The domestic figure was a mere 34.9% of the total ticket sales, whereas the international pull comprised 65.1% of the gross sales. With an estimated production cost of $80 million, the movie earned some $144 million to say the least. The movie was shown in as many as 3,560 theaters worldwide. It ran for 40 days in the box office.

Congratulations and job well done, Keanu!

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Lilian said...

oh i loe keanu reeves he is one of the great actor in hollywood...this is the 1st blog i come across who writes mainly about 1 person...great! cheers

alfredjohn said...

Keanu reeves is one of the great actor of Hollywood. the earning figures are impressive. best of luck

Sveta said...

Very interesting film. Keanu Reeves is able to play, always heartfelt and takes for the soul

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