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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Keanu Reeves' Plan for the Holidays

If you're wondering how The Day the Earth Stood Still main star Keanu Reeves will spend the holidays, watch this interview with him and co-star John Hamm by ET. Keanu Reeves is busy promoting his new film, The Day, which will be shown around the world in two days, December 12.

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vickytunes said...

Magic Moon
Out of the beautiful magic
Darkness became the light
The dawn of creation
is born of the night
Like a white spark in sight
A shining soul is so stark
As an angel that will fly down
from heaven to hark
Hear it? What's that sound
in the silent space
That humming, drumming, coming
When the wolves start to howl
at the magic moon
only to be Heard simultaneously
but in such is a song that is
in different tune harmoniously
very far away but equal to a day
A call for each other maybe
to entail another lover or some friend
maybe a brother or a sentinel
When stars fall as they do rise Shooting millions of miles falling
Hooting like an owl piercing the air calling
this is unity and such
reality is with reason
a purple purpose is a color with the number two
Blue plus red equals you
the hue of a sweet flower that buds in the spring
like fresh lilacs that bloom
bring then but it's winter now
become new again when it is soon
still we must always figure out
how to find the Tao

Native Remedies