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Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Day The Earth Stood Still: A Certified Box Office Hit

The Day the earth stood still keanuThe gross sales of this latest Keanu Reeves movie said it all. Fans still love sci-fi flicks. Keanu Reeves was triumphant as Klaatu and he was able to move his audience to watch the movie. Hopefully, he was also able to convey the film's message across, which is to take care of the earth.

The Day the Earth Stood Still raked a total of $38 million to date, including international ticket sales. The movie is still showing in most movie houses, especially in IMAX theaters where it would probably have an extended showing.

Keanu Reeves
' next movie for showing is The Private Lives of Pippa Lee, which is a big contrast to The Day. Private Lives is a drama and the story is not focused on his character. It's a refreshing change from Keanu's action and sci-fi films. This upcoming movie is themed like Sweet November and Feeling Minnesota. The movie is on post production.

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Scotti said...

I see all of Keanu's movies, but I must say, I really enjoy him more in a drama. Does anyone remember "River's Edge?" He was so young! Thanks for the post.

sexshop said...

Excelent role in The day stood still.Enjoyed it a lot!

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