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Friday, December 12, 2008

The Day The Earth Stood Still: A Blogger's Review

Keanu Reeves The Day The Earth Stood Still ReviewI watched The Day the Earth Stood Still today in full anticipation. It has been quite a while since I saw a Keanu Reeves movie, the last being the Street Kings. Here's how I look at it.

The movie was well-made. Fox had created the movie quite impressively, although the movie is quite overrated than its press release. The movie is quite simple and there are no fireworks to be expected.

I was kind of expecting some alien-busting scenes like in Independence Day. There aren't any aerial dog fights with aliens either. The only alien in the film is Keanu Reeves, he doesn't even look like one.

Keanu Reeves was indeed the perfect actor for the role, no doubt about it. Keanu was long regarded as a no emotion actor. Well, him playing as an alien doesn't require any feelings whatsoever. Let's give him the accolade when it is due. While this is his most fitting role by far, his acting was better in The Matrix and Street Kings.

The real better actor in the film is Jaden Smith. If he keep his acting up, he could be better than his dad. Jennifer Conelly is very pretty in this film. Truly enough, nobody can resist her green puppy eyes.

Overall, the movie is a good experience for me. It's worth the wait, although I must admit, I was expecting more excitement. I plan to watch the film in an IMAX theater real soon. I should be able to put up a better review by then.

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