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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Rough and Ready Keanu Reeves Loves to Read Books Too

Keanu ReevesWell, it's true. Who would have thought that the dirt-biking Keanu Reeves has a flair for literature and good books? For his interview with Detail, Keanu Reeves and the interviewer happened to be in a bookstore doing the question and answer thing. And since they see books everywhere, Keanu was asked what books he had read.

Keanu admitted that he had read the four novels of the Rabbit series of John Updike. When the interviewer asked him about Revolutionary Road by Richard Yates, Keanu's eyes lit up and said "Yes". He even challenged the interviewer for a "high five on the Revolutionary Road". Apparently, they did.

The biggest revelation is this: Keanu Reeves had read "Remembrance of the Things Past" by Marcel Proust. The novel is a semi-autobiography of this French author which spanned 7 volumes. It's original French title is À la recherche du temps perdu. Kean u said it took him 2 years to finish that one.

The interview could have been for Keanu Reeves' new movie, The Day the Earth Stood Still.

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