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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Keanu Reeves Testified in Court

The LA courts are seeing much of Keanu Reeves these days. Unfortunately, he wasn't playing a role here. It's a true to life experience that he wished he didn't have to go through.

Keanu Reeves is accused of assault by plaintiff Alison Silva, a paparazzo who is also involved in a mess with Britney Spears. Silva said Keanu Reeves purposely backed up his car on him, hitting him in the process.

Of course, Keanu denied that saying that he didn't hit Silva and he stumbled on his own feet as he tries to move away from his vehicle. Keanu further states that "My intention was to show I had the right of way."

"He was coming up to me as a paparazzo taking my picture," Reeves said. "To me, it wasn't great that he was there."

"To my recollection, I didn't hit him," Reeves told a Superior Court jury.

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