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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Keanu Reeves Says He's Lucky

Things are definitely looking up for Keanu Reeves. With his lawsuit against paparrazi Alison Silva ending in his favor and two movies coming up (The Day the Earth Stood Still and The Private Lives of Pippa Lee), Keanu Reeves can definitely say that he's on top of the world.

A lot of people says that Keanu Reeves can't act. It's probably true. But the fact that he's still in circulation and one of the favorite leading men and characters of most films, Keanu is really lucky despite his deemed lack of acting ability. Either way, we still love Keanu Reeves from here.

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4love said...

he's handsome ;;)

deleesamford said...

I cannot understand where or how anyone can not see this mans talent. He can take any role and accomplish great abilities with it. Maybe people have a problem with the mans looks? Yes he is blessed with great looks but very underestimated as an actor and a human being.

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