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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Keanu Reeves Mentor John Daly Died at 71

John Daly figured so well in Keanu Reeves' career. He had played a great role in jump starting his Hollywood acting career, along with fellow artists Denzel Washington and Julia Roberts. John Daly is a film producer, manager, and filmmaker. He died of cancer today at age 71.

John Daly is an Oscar winning director and producer and had made more than 100 films during his reign at the movies. John Daly is survived by three sons and daughter, Michael, Timothy, Julian, and Jenny.

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1 comment:

vickytunes said...

Dear Friend,
I speak to you the voice of the Ancients....
So sorry for the loss
but then loss is never gone
Only to be gained again
But in surety it is pained
which you must come and tame
Your heart is but the same
that your love is in your name
Such as in your place
a person is a state of grace
This knowledge for your life
one whole for the strife
of humanity's trife
It is here the words speak
as in nature does you and I
And in time will fly towards future now present was past is
Only you can be such bliss
for you are a one chosen
in this sacred divine
gift of a friend who stays with you forever and will never end..........Peace, my Brother.

Native Remedies