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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Keanu Reeves at the Comic-Con

Keanu Reeves arrived at the Comic-Con, a special conference for comic book enthusiasts. A lot of stars graced the event and they went to present a preview of their upcoming movies that were based, in one way or another, from Comics.

Keanu Reeves presented his on day one of the conference, as his latest movie is a Sci-fi film which is a Robert Wise original. In the film, which is entitled "The Day The Earth Stood Still", Keanu will play as a alien warning the Earth of the imminent dangers it is about to face. But his arrival is met with a war even though he came in peace.

Keanu reeves will star opposite Jennifer Connelly in the movie. She too is present in the event,which was held in San Diego. The movie is set to be shown in 2009. Know more about Keanu Reeves' film here.

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