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Friday, April 25, 2008

Street Kings Shown on Theaters April 11

Street Kings, previously titled as Nightwatchmen, is now released in U.S. cinemas. International premier followed suit. Here, Keanu Reeves plays Tom Ludlow, an LAPD police. He was a gun fighter ready to take on the odds of the job singlehandedly.

However, things changed when his previous partner, Terrence Washington was gunned down by two heavily armed men on a convenience store. Drawn by his conscience over the matter as he intended to give Washington a good beating that day due to their irreconcilable differences, Ludlow vowed to find the men who did him in.

His quest for answers lead him to a tightly knit mess of deceit, pretense, and lies in the same place he had sworn to defend - the LAPD unit he belongs to. Keanu Reeve's latest offering is a must watch for people who love heavy police action and gun fights.

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